Pure the Winery is owned by an international group of wine lovers with a winery in Piedmont, Italy.

PURE was born with a clear vision, to create wines that satisfy the needs of an audience that demands it.


Wine consumption is declining in many countries around the world. As wine lovers, we think it's a shame, because what better than treating yourself to a glass of good wine!

We were curious, and discovered that adults enjoy a glass of wine, but often regret it because of the calorie content.

We have found that a large proportion of calories and carbohydrates come from unfermented sugars. Sugar that has not been converted into alcohol and is not necessary to provide flavor.

We worked on it and found a solution!

PURE, a wine without sugar!



By combining unique and traditional fermentation techniques, we have found a way to naturally convert all sugar into alcohol. Thus we create a zero sugar and zero carbohydrate wine, with up to 50% fewer calories compared to a traditional wine. PURE is 10.5% alcohol and tastes fantastic and uncomplicated.

We use the best grapes: Pinot Noir, Pinot, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Barbera, Merlot and Negrette.

PURE wines are made by expert winemakers from one of the most prestigious wine regions in Italy, Piedmont.

Zero sugar wine for every occasion: red, white, white and sparkling rosé and rosé.

PURE wines are not only sugar-free, but also 100% vegan!


Hello innovation seekers. Do you only settle for the latest and greatest?

Hello pioneer. Are you always looking for something new?

Hello trendsetters. Are you only satisfied when ideas come true?

We are proud to offer you, as a wine lover, a more responsible choice that solves the dilemma between pleasure and guilt: wines without sugar and without carbohydrates.

We are very proud of this great wine innovation!